About Us

Ormah Gibson Tower

Our History

Homes Unlimited (London) Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed in 1972 to provide affordable rental housing primarily for families of modest income. The corporation, and its sister organization Odell-Jalna Residences of London Ontario, own and operate 540 affordable, well-maintained housing units in nine locations.  The properties are a mix of townhomes and apartments. Some accessible units are available at each location. 

Homes Unlimited Timeline

Ormah Gibson

Our Founding Leader

Ormah Gibson, MSW, a founder and longtime President of Homes Unlimited, was a tireless worker, advocate and volunteer for a variety of social causes in London and area. A graduate of the University of Toronto with a master’s degree in social work, she was a past President of the Ontario Association of Professional Social Workers and was instrumental in the creation of the School of Social Work at Kings College. She was a valued Board member and resource for numerous London organizations including Youth Opportunities Unlimited, the London Community Resource Centre, the Urban League and the United Way.