Jalna Woods

Jalna Woods

870 Jalna Boulevard, London Ontario, N6E 3C7

Jalna Woods is a 64-unit two-storey townhome property opened in 1986. The property is within walking distance of shops including a grocery store and pharmacy. 

Unit Information
Accessible Units
2 Bedroom Units
3 Bedroom Units


  • Parking

Social and Affordable Housing

Homes Unlimited (London) Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed in 1972 to provide affordable rental housing, primarily for families of modest income.

Homes Unlimited (London) Inc. accepts tenants from the City of London social housing program as well as direct rental inquiries.  All tenant inquiries can be made through our property manager.

Rental Inquiries

Rental inquiries are handled by our property manager.

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Visit City Of London website to learn more about social housing.